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The ideal CRM for a company that is looking to integrate with several services in the voice and mobile space.


Project Management and CRM imolementation – All in one package. m.


New kid on teh block and very effective. Ideal if you plan on messaging with internal support for Stripe.


Effecient and simple mailing service that makes your emails look good.


The sweetspotin CRM space. The best every support possible.


Sweet and effective – SugarCRM

We’re Here To Help Your Business take the Next Step in your CRM Implementation

The customer is key to business success

Small businesses can spend a lot of time and money focusing on sales and marketing to help acquire new customers.

What can CRM applications do?

CRM applications can help you get the most out of the clients you already have and help you sign up new ones.

How to choose a CRM application

It’s a mature market, but new entrants and new features are appearing all the time.

Understand how the software fits your business

A suitable CRM application can make your small business more efficient, but only if you use it in the right way. It’s an additional business tool, not a replacement for your sales force.

Three Unique CRM Implementation Approaches

Every customer wants their own special sauce in their CRM, from unique sales or lead processes to customized information collection. That’s why Unokha offers three distinct implementation approaches.

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